Oystera UK

Hand painted and decoupaged Shells

Welcome to Oystera. I’m Francesca and I hand-paint or decoupage each and every shell from my studio in Wiltshire. I believe in upcycling and sustainability, the shells I use would otherwise be put in landfill or left to litter. I take pride in creating beautiful one of a kind pieces that you can treasure forever.

About me

Fully Sustainable

We are a fully sustainably UK based business, and source our shells from local fishmongers. Our packaging is also recycled and sustainable.

Our hand painted shells have so many uses, from jewellery trinket trays, ring dishes, ornaments, salt holders-the list goes on!

Each design is unique, making them the perfect thoughtful gift!

Hand Painted & Decoupaged

After applying two base layers of plain white I use acrylic paints from Winsor and Newton on my shells.

If decoupaging then I outsource designs on materials such as tissue paper or paper napkins and I use mod-podge to glue them onto the shells.

I finish off some pieces of work with resin which takes 24 hours to cure, creating a shiny hard water-resistant finish meaning designs wont fade or damage.

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